Boards and Committees
The Board of Directors consists of ten directors that are all members of the Chamber of Commerce. One half of the Board is elected each year for a two year term. We hold our elections at our annual meeting in October and new Board members take office at the January meeting. Any Chamber members wishing to serve are encouraged to contact the Chamber.

There is no compensation for any Chamber Board Member. All Board Members serve as volunteers.

Chamber officers are elected by the Board of Directors by the first meeting of the New Year. There are no term limits.

Committee members are appointed by the President of the Chamber and serve one year terms. There are no limits to how long a committee member may serve. Chamber members are encouraged to volunteer for committees that interest them.

President: Matt Greget
Vice President: Mike Jacobi
Treasurer: Mark Judas
Secretary: Emily Truell

Mark Judas (Term Expires 12-31-18)
US Bank
PO Box 237
Princeton, WI 54968
920-295-6586 Cell 920-229-0971

Carol Bielski (Term Expires 12-31-18)
Princeton Lions
W5838 Oxbow Trail
Princeton, WI 54968

Emily Truell (Term expires 12-31-17)
Lake Arrowhead Campground
Address: W781 Fox Ct
(C) 920-295-3000

Mary Ernest(Term expires 12-31-17)
Mary’s Antiques on Main
330 W. Main St.
Princeton, WI 54968
No email address available

Kelly Marshall (Term Expires 12-31-17)
Raymond James Financial Services
PO Box 62
Princeton, WI 54968
Cell 920-229-6570

Matt Greget (Term Expires 12-31-18)
525 W. Water Street
Princeton, WI 54968

Tabitha Pierce Term Expires 12-31-18)
American Family Insurance,
624 W Water St Princeton, WI
Princeton, WI 54968

Mike Jacobi (Term expires 12-31-17)
Princeton Flea Market
P.O. Box 2

Mary Lou Neubauer (Term Expires 12-31-18)
City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer
531 S. Fulton Street/ PO Box 53
Princeton, WI 54923
(W) 920-295-6612 (C) 920-290-2695

Alyssa Paulsen (Term Expires 12-31-17)
Berlin Journal Newspapers
The Reporter at the Princeton Times-Republic and the Green Lake Reporter
Princeton, WI 54968
920-361-1515-Office Cell 920-410-1986

Beth Pelland – Princeton Chamber of Commerce – Director
Princeton Audio
544 W. Water Street
Princeton, WI 54968
Chamber: 920-295-3877

Mark Judas

Mike Jacobi

Mary Ernest

Emily Truell

Tabitha Pierce

Mary Lou Neubauer

Carol Bielski

Matt Greget

Kelly Marshall
Alyssa Paulsen

2017 Committees
Emily Truell - 920-295-3000
Jessica Greget - 262-206-3151
Dennis Galatowitch – 920-299-2385
Tabitha Pierce 920-295-6119
Beth Pelland 920-295-3877

Flea Market
Mike Jacobi - 920-787-4808
Mary Ernest - 920-960-5481
Paul Schlaefer – 920-295-3981

Mark Judas - 920-295-6586
Mike Jacobi - 920-787-4808
Matt Greget - 920-229-5690
Carol Bielski – 920-642-0028

Christmas in Princeton
Carol Bielski - 920-642-0028

Ambassadors Committee
Paul Schlaefer - 920-295-3981
Mary Ernest - 920-960-5481
Mary Lou Neubauer – 920-295-6612
Mark Judas - 920-295-6586

Green Lake Country Visitors Bureau
Beth Pelland 920-295-3877
Matt Greget 920-229-5690

Carol Bielski - 920-642-0028
Ron Calbaum - 920-295-4390
Mary Ernest - 920-960-5481
Mark Judas - 920-295-6586

Crane Fest Committee
Carol Bielski 920-642-0028 (Chair)
Beth Pelland 920-295-3877
Mark Judas 920-295-6586
Tabitha Pierce 920-295-6119
Jessica Greget 262-206-3151

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