February 2018
2018 Princeton Design Team Recommendations

On September 14, 2017, a group of 20 planning and design professionals found their way to Princeton, Wisconsin to dedicate their time and expertise in hopes of helping the community discover their shared vision for the future. The following report documents the outcomes of the Design Wisconsin Team visit.

The Design Wisconsin Team is a community design program offered by the University of Wisconsin- Extension’s Community Vitality & Placemaking Team. The Design Wisconsin Team assists local communities working to identify and visualize their short-, medium-, and long-range visions.

The Design Wisconsin Team features volunteers
from planning and design professions who donate their time and talent over the course of a long weekend (the Visit). The Princeton Design Wisconsin Team consisted of team members from Wisconsin Minnesota, and Illinois with backgrounds in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, public art, economics, planning, education,
political science, community marketing and
digital communication. Team members immersed themselves in the community by living on site in hotels, cabins, and with host families while leading a series of public participation activities. The outcomes of the Design Wisconsin Team visit included large, hand-drawn illustrations of the community’s shared vision.

Dr. Jay Dampier, Area Extension Director and faculty member with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, provided the community with the technical support necessary to bring the Design Wisconsin Team to Princeton and will be assisting the community with implementation after the visit concludes.

Please contact the Chamber to get involved with these wonderful recommendations. We will be making all of these decisions as a COMMUNITY!

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